I didn’t choose to fly solo. I never thought I would be raising three kids by myself. Yet, I’ve done it for the past 18 years. 

I’ve worked hard to be the best mother I can be. You see, I don’t view motherhood through the lens of raising children. I’m raising the adults I hope they’ll become. It’s a responsibility I take seriously.

This section focuses on what I’ve learned over the past 18+ years about: motherhood, raising responsible children, loving yourself so that you can love your kids, sharing custody, navigating the world of being a single parent, helping your children transition with you into a new relationship and so much more.

It’s hard being a single parent. But, it helps when you have resources that provide guidance for navigating the complexities of your role. I hope that sharing my stories in these articles provides you with at least some of the support you need.

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